The Ever-So-Sweet “Yes”

23 03 2012

"Yes" please!

enjoy love video games! I was sitting on my couch with a mound of work to do one afternoon, longingly staring at my X-box 360, wishing I could play it. This feeling and longing lasted for a few weeks, and in all that time I never once turned on my X-box.

With a baby on the way the thought hit me, “I don’t want to be playing with Maddy, wishing I was playing with my X-box instead.” – enter the dilemma –  I knew when Maddy came I’d be spending her waking moments giving her attention, and focusing on my leadership endeavor in her sleeping moments. The only reason I was keeping my X-box 360 was because it was a sort of trophy for me. One, by the way, I did not earn. Sooooo… my solution: give it away!

And that’s what I did! I gave it away. Only, I gave it to an eighth grader who couldn’t necessarily take home all of the games I had (rated T and above were out of the question). In fact I kept 17 games that I had no system to play on.

So what’s the my logical next step, sell the games, get some some pocket cash. My only challenge finding someone to buy the games.

Yesterday I wrote a post about how the worst anyone can say when you ask for something is “no.”  You can read that post here. However, when I was willing to sell 17 games for 50,ooo won (a little less than $50), I wasn’t expecting to hear a “no.” Only, I did!

There is a copycat game-stop in down town Songtan (little copyright laws in Korea) that I took my games to; the old man looked at them, handed them back and said, “too old, no one buy.” And at that he went back to staring out the window. In my head I thought, “Really? Too old? No-one buy? Challenge accepted!”

When I got back to where I had WiFi I listed the games  and my asking price on Facebook, within 30 minutes I had a taker, and just like that my games are now sold. It’s true that “no’s” lead us to “yes’s,” but they don’t come looking for us, we have to go find them!

I love hearing the “ever-so-sweet yes” after a “mater-of-fact no”!

Old, Korean man: 0         Mason: 1