It will always be something won’t it?

15 03 2012

Should have made a list and checked it twice!

Ever see so far ahead that you completely miss whats right in front of you? Yeah, that’s me to a “T”! The thing is, I have developed a process system to combat this problem, it’s called a check list! This list isn’t simply a “to do” kind of list, this list is in order of what needs to be done and when (if I can standardize my menial routine to make my free time that much better then so be it). You may think this over kill, but I once forgot my class room key everyday for an entire week. “Every thing has a home,” including my chores

There is one fatal flaw with my plan, can you see it? Yup, my plan requires me to get up at the same time or at least relatively close to the same time. So when I decided to sleep in for an hour and a half and then get up at 5:30 in the morning I’m in danger of loosing this game called “remembering.”

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Bank of America, What?!

15 03 2012

Community over corporate, but dang if the corporate didn't have great customer service!

I grew up in a small town, relatively. It felt small. It’s getting bigger, but that’s not the point. The point of the post is that in a “small town” you use the town our county bank. I used the Fauquier Bank, and I loved it! The tellers were great! They would engage me on just about anything, and when I came back they remembered! It was kind of awesome.

So you can imagine my shock when I moved to Boston and was with out my Fauquier Bank. Since I was in college and was bound to travel the only logical choice was Bank of America. When I stood in line I felt like another number. I didn’t know any of the tellers, and it seemed they didn’t want to know me, especially since there always seemed to be a long line behind me. They were cordial enough, but nothing like back home.

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Rock in a Pond: Buffet Style

15 03 2012

Everybody likes a buffet, unless your indecisive, but hey, at least your food will stay warm while you decide!

Change is a good thing, well as long as the purpose behind the change is good, I digress. Rock in a pond is changing. I use to have some kind of format to it, or at least I think I did when I first started. Anyway, I’m going to be sharing a conglomeration of my thoughts and “feelings” as they come up.

There will be no set pattern, no specific posting days, no specific theme, just me and my ramblings. If you’re not into that I completely understand. I have another blog where there is a lot more structure on both content and posting time, you can find it at:

Anyway, I look forward to sharing with you all my random thoughts and what-nots.

Thin vs. Thick Menus

22 12 2011

I like to have options. This is possibly due to the belief that if I have enough options there is bound to be something I like within those options. This isn’t always true, however I feel like my chances improve drastically with each new addition to a menu, whatever that menu may be.

App stores, the more apps there are available, the greater the chances will be that there will be one that I want.

Take Out Chinese, the more options I have, the greater my chances of getting the right meal that will leave me hungering again in 35 minutes.

Boyfriends/Girlfriends, now this was never a problem I had, but for some the more they date the more likely, they believe, they are to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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Who’s the Boss?

22 12 2011

My bet is on Alyssa Milano

My favorite Tony Danza will always be the Angles in the Outfield Tony Danza. However, I was strangely drawn to the Who’s the Boss Tony Danza as well. Truth be told, it probably had something to do with Alyssa Milano, but I digress. The real purpose of this post is that the question of “who’s the boss” goes much deeper than TV comedy. The struggle to answer this question reaches far into the depths of our organizations and actions.

A great example of this struggle is in my 8th grade class. Now I don’t remember ever being as bold or annoying as some of my 8th graders, although I probably was, but sometimes my students are annoyingly bold! Note: if you’re one of my 8th graders reading this post, and you’re wondering if this is about you, it’s not. The students this post refers to know who they are and are proud that they’ve made a blog post. It always seems that they struggle to know, or a better word: remember, who the boss really is. In case you’re wondering, in my classroom it’s me!

Sometimes, my annoyingly bold students forget this and decide they are going to set the pace of class. They suggest (demand) that we do this exercise instead of that one. They want to work in groups instead of by themselves, or they’d rather work by themselves than in groups. They have concluded that since the subject mater is boring they don’t have to participate in the learning. The best part is that this is not an internal decision, this is an external demand.

Enter the boss. Usually at this juncture, I make a joke and then remind my students that’s not the way room 302 works. Now, this may sound a lot like, “because I’m the teacher and I said so,” let me assure you IT IS! This is not because I am some cruel classroom dictator, although some of my students would beg to differ. I have set the vision of where our class needs to go for the week. This weekly lesson plan is a part of the unit that is set by their education standards. There is purpose for the day’s actions. While there are times we can scrap the lesson plan and follow some “educational” tangent, my students will not dictate how the day will proceed. When they try, I remind them, “that decision is not yours to make.”

Question: Are you allowing people in your organization to make decisions that aren’t theirs to make?

You see, whether you’re the teacher

or the “boss” your job is to be the leader and make the decisions. And while we strive to make decisions that will benefit the entire class or team, we can’t always make the most popular decision. Sometimes you have to make the unpopular decision because that’s what is best for the long term vision.

Don’t let short sighted people make decisions that affect the long term vision!

Recent Thoughts:

1 09 2011

I’ve really been struggling with the thoughts of strengths and weaknesses lately. I say struggling because I’ve been wrestling with whether or not I’d really like to know mine.

I understand the illogical nature of this struggle but here is why I am struggling: if I know my strengths and weaknesses I know something will have to change. I’m afraid of what the change will be, I also know it will require sacrifice. Change and sacrifice are not very good incentives for anything.

However, with my 28th birthday quickly approaching and reminding me I didn’t stop at 25, I’m realizing life is to short to do something you’re not good at or something you don’t enjoy. This thought is much more painful than any change or sacrifice. that must be made.

Until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change there can be no change.

Life: A Horse of a Different Color.

24 07 2011

If life doesn't look like what you expected it to look like, maybe its time to change your perspective

“Things aren’t always what they seem.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, read, or said that statement. The truth of the matter is that I haven’t fully grasped that concept. More truthfully I’ve refused to allow them to look any different than the way I’ve expected them to.

I liken this to me shutting myself inside of a jail cell and locking the door. Confining myself to the paradigm that is the cell. If I could just allow it to look differently than I had expected or desired a whole new world of possibilities could open up to me.

Here is a personal example. When God led Marla and I away from Texas I didn’t understand it. Truthfully I struggled with it. I struggled to know for sure it was God’s moving us, I struggled to know for sure we were going in the direction He was pointing us in. And I struggled with going to work at a school rather than a church.

When I was 14  I promised God I would serve Him in full time ministry (can you hear the iron door starting to shut?). So I automatically assumed that meant I was going to be a pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor, or missionary working in a church. But where are the rules written that those positions are the only full time ministry positions? I had locked myself into a way of thinking that was not, is not, conducive to God’s creativity. I realize now that full-time ministry isn’t a particular job. It’s a way of life.

If you lock yourself into a paradigm or expectation that isn’t necessarily true or beneficial you can completely miss out on what God desires to show you.

What paradigms do you have that are holding you back?