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Ever throw a rock in a pond and watch what happens? It creates ripples, ripples that cause other items in the pond to move. How much they move is dependent on their proximity to where the rock landed. The closer to the rock the greater the movement, the further away from the rock, less movement.

This blog is my pond – the posts are my rocks – and your thoughts on what I’ve written, they are the ripples. There is no real reason to throw a rock in a pond except for personal satisfaction, and to see what the ripples do. That is what this blog is, my own personal satisfaction. It is a space to write my thoughts at my leisure – to get them out of my head and recorded for me to look back on and think “that was a great thought” or “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever said”!

Either way, what you do with these thoughts is up to you, and personally, I don’t care what you do with them – this blog is for me. Sure, the blog is public, but don’t mistake its publicness for a Dr. Phil-ish desire for you to change. I’m just throwing rocks in a pond to see what happens.


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16 03 2010
Howard Rich


Have you read Divine Commodity by Skye Jethani? If you haven’t, make it a top priority.

16 03 2010
Mason Stanley

Howard, I have not, but I will add it to my list of “plan to read.” Thanks for the suggestion!

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