Just because….

7 07 2015

I gotta be honest (I like this phrase too much – that, and “here’s the thing”) I’m tired of being what I think I should be. What people think I should be. What I think I want to be. I just want to be me. Now before you get all, “he doesn’t care anymore” on me, what I mean by that is I want to take down the walls, take off the mask, and what ever cliche’ I can throw in there. But it’s true.

I’ve read blogs, articles, books, and what ever else is out there on “HOW TO…..” all in 7.8953234 easy steps. Heck, I’ve written post along the same lines. And for what purpose? Because I think I’m smarter than the average bear? Is it because I think I have some super secret perspective? Truth is, it’s because I’m trying to convince myself that I can be “successful,” what ever that even means.

The problem is, I have a myriad of topics and thoughts that don’t fit in an easy step formula type of post. And here is the thing: they aren’t worth a bullet or numbered list. They are just my thoughts, as random as they come, I want a spot to write em down. So I’m reactivating my Rock in a Pond blog and putting them up – not because I think they can help you, honestly that’s not the point of the blog – this blog is now just a place for me to put my thoughts, authentically and transparently. If you’re reading this because you’ve subscribed in the past feel free to unsubscribe. If you’re reading this because it showed up in a search engine, congratulations, you made it past page 5 on Google search!

This blog will be 1st draft – unedited – unchanged (unless I post something that is inaccurate w/o my knowledge and I have to change it so that it is accurate… you get the idea or legally someone tells me I need to take it down or change it because I’m not James Dean or Donald Trump).

So yeah – if you’re still tuned in, you’re a glutton for punishment.





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