It’s just a “no”

22 03 2012

No matter how they say it, the worst anybody can say is "No"

Suits, tuxes, churches, receptions, food, orderves, drinks, flowers … and anything else that belongs in a wedding – you can tell I didn’t have much to do with the planning. To be honest, my favorite part was getting to lick the envelopes for our invitations (don’t judge). As Marla was preparing and finalizing our plans, the one thing that she wanted most was great pictures. She had been “stalking” this photographer from Lubbock Texas, and was absolutely in love with the way she took pictures. The problem was, we couldn’t afford her services.

Marla had been following her for a while and knew that she “gave back” by doing free photo shoots, but she wasn’t sure if being a broke missionary kid was enough to deserve a free session. As we talked about it, I told her the worst that she could say was, “no.” Eventually Marla wrote her, told her our story, and the photographer agreed to shoot our wedding for a minimal cost!

I’ve thought about that moment often. She could have told us no. In fact “no” is what we expect from most.

Could you imagine if you heard “yes” all the time? We think it would be amazing, but in reality “no” makes “yes” that much better!

Marla and I are entering  new phase of life. We’re roughly 10 weeks away from our first child being born and we find ourselves again looking for what God has next for us.

A month ago, or so, I applied for a job. Turned in my resume’, answered a questionnaire, and waited. I know I can’t be the only whose been in this position. The wait was excruciating, wondering if you’re good enough. Wondering if you got the job, would the job be a good job for you? Would you be good enough for the job? This morning I received an email informing me that  I didn’t get the position. I applied knowing that the worst they could say was “no.”

And that’s exactly what they said.  “No”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take it personally, at first. But I’d also be lying if I told you I was defeated. They said “no” and that means I’m one step closer to that ever-so-sweet “yes.”




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22 03 2012

Great post, Mason. I’m sorry to hear about the job, but I’m encouraged to hear the determination in your words. I love that last line, “They said ‘no’ and that means I’m one step closer to that ever-so-sweet ‘yes’.”

22 03 2012
Mason Conrad Stanley


Thank you for the kind words. I was taken back roughly two years ago when I was applying for jobs only to get rejected time and time again. When I finally got a yes from ICS it was like a breath of life into my confidence. This time I’m hoping to keep my confidence in Christ rather than my circumstances and possible rejections.

23 03 2012
The Ever-So-Sweet “Yes” « Rock in a Pond

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