It will always be something won’t it?

15 03 2012

Should have made a list and checked it twice!

Ever see so far ahead that you completely miss whats right in front of you? Yeah, that’s me to a “T”! The thing is, I have developed a process system to combat this problem, it’s called a check list! This list isn’t simply a “to do” kind of list, this list is in order of what needs to be done and when (if I can standardize my menial routine to make my free time that much better then so be it). You may think this over kill, but I once forgot my class room key everyday for an entire week. “Every thing has a home,” including my chores

There is one fatal flaw with my plan, can you see it? Yup, my plan requires me to get up at the same time or at least relatively close to the same time. So when I decided to sleep in for an hour and a half and then get up at 5:30 in the morning I’m in danger of loosing this game called “remembering.”

This morning was one such morning. To make a long monotonous process short and interesting, I decided to deviate from my plan and not work out today after school. This isn’t a big deal, doesn’t help me lose weight, but all in all it’s okay. Until I get to school, step out of the van and have my brain remind me that my lunch was in the work out bag . . . FAIL!

LESSON LEARNED: No matter how good your plan is, if you don’t follow it, it does you no good!




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19 03 2012

I love it when a plan comes together! If you lived in tv your well designed over engineered plan would always work before the hour was up. maybe you should try several smaller plans ex.. ( plan1 wake up “atta boy” plan 2 shower plan 3 get dressed plan 4 go to best buy and get a smarter phone to remind you to bring your lunch!!!) Me I’ll stick with life free lancing no plans so no failures

22 03 2012
Mason Conrad Stanley

Eric, that’s great unless you go with the mantra, “fail to plan, plan to fail.” 🙂 Miss you man!

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