Thin vs. Thick Menus

22 12 2011

I like to have options. This is possibly due to the belief that if I have enough options there is bound to be something I like within those options. This isn’t always true, however I feel like my chances improve drastically with each new addition to a menu, whatever that menu may be.

App stores, the more apps there are available, the greater the chances will be that there will be one that I want.

Take Out Chinese, the more options I have, the greater my chances of getting the right meal that will leave me hungering again in 35 minutes.

Boyfriends/Girlfriends, now this was never a problem I had, but for some the more they date the more likely, they believe, they are to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

But this isn’t always true! I hate searching the app store because it is so saturated with apps I will never want or use. There is a Chinese place down the road that has a front and back page menu, that’s it! However, they have all my favorite dishes. I have six options all of which I like. Marla was the first, and really only, girl I dated in college. I knew October of freshman year I wanted to be with her! I didn’t need to go on dates with a bunch of other girls. Disclaimer: I did go on other dates with some pretty cool girls in college, however I still knew, and was confirmed in the fact that Marla had what I wanted in a spouse.

So as I think about it. I only want more options because I don’t know what I want. We laugh about one of Marla’s uncles because he orders the same thing at every restaurant: chicken fingers. But he knows what he wants, he doesn’t need a big menu. Having more options is really a lazy way of figuring out what we really want. When in reality, it would be much better to sit down and think through what we value, what we could want as a result of that, and why we would want it.

Stop looking for options and do the work yourself, you’ll enjoy that choice better than one you might might or might not have wanted, but it was the best looking option at the time.




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