Life: A Horse of a Different Color.

24 07 2011

If life doesn't look like what you expected it to look like, maybe its time to change your perspective

“Things aren’t always what they seem.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, read, or said that statement. The truth of the matter is that I haven’t fully grasped that concept. More truthfully I’ve refused to allow them to look any different than the way I’ve expected them to.

I liken this to me shutting myself inside of a jail cell and locking the door. Confining myself to the paradigm that is the cell. If I could just allow it to look differently than I had expected or desired a whole new world of possibilities could open up to me.

Here is a personal example. When God led Marla and I away from Texas I didn’t understand it. Truthfully I struggled with it. I struggled to know for sure it was God’s moving us, I struggled to know for sure we were going in the direction He was pointing us in. And I struggled with going to work at a school rather than a church.

When I was 14  I promised God I would serve Him in full time ministry (can you hear the iron door starting to shut?). So I automatically assumed that meant I was going to be a pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor, or missionary working in a church. But where are the rules written that those positions are the only full time ministry positions? I had locked myself into a way of thinking that was not, is not, conducive to God’s creativity. I realize now that full-time ministry isn’t a particular job. It’s a way of life.

If you lock yourself into a paradigm or expectation that isn’t necessarily true or beneficial you can completely miss out on what God desires to show you.

What paradigms do you have that are holding you back?




One response

24 07 2011

So true. It’s just like what Howard was saying yesterday @Home Group, God’s plans seem so upside-down, but in reality, it’s us that are messed up and upside-down. Standing on our heads all the time might be uncomfortable, but at least we’ll have the right perspective.

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