3 Thoughts on Giving and Getting

19 07 2011

If you're not adding you're subtracting which ends in division.

They say, whoever “they” are, it is better to give than to receive; and for the most part they are right.

But the trick isn’t desiring to give over getting. The trick is giving well. Here are a few ways to give better.

#1 Dont’ give junk

Giving is better only when what you give has value. If you give something that you know is junk, you won’t be happy with it nor will who ever is receiving.

#2 Don’t just give once

We have been trained (brain washed) on how to give and receive. If I give “A” you in turn should give “B.” Never should I ever have to give “A” twice in order to get “B” once.  This is where the concept of cost and worth comes into play (I’ve written more on this here:). When giving is better than receiving you are more concerned for the other person. When you operate in a “I give, you give” mentality you’re still worried about yourself.

#3 Don’t expect people to come to you

This thought is the hardest to accept and to practice. If we know we have #1 & #2 on lock, we believe people should be lining up at our door fighting to get to us. There are a couple of problems with this thought. First, that is not our culture today, people have become more communally introverted. If you want to build community around your product or whatever it is you have, you have to go to where they are. This allows them to interact with you on familiar ground and thus give them a sense of control. Secondly if it’s not about you why are you making people come to you? If you believe your product can add value to people take it to where the people are so that you can add value to them.

If you can succeed in these three thoughts of giving and adding value to others, they will be more likely to add value to you.




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