Who is going to take care of you?

12 07 2011

"What about me?!"

I have an affinity for things from my child hood. Now before you shrug this statement off as a typical Gen Y statement please allow me to share.  I look up old 80’s and 90’s cartoon intros. What is more I look up old commercials from the same era’s just to taste a slice of nostalgia. I’ll search eBay for old toys, not so that I can complain about mom throwing them away and how rich I could have been, but because I think they were the coolest things ever!

So when Pastor Russ mentioned the Land Before Time during Sunday’s message I was all ears! Much to my chagrin however, he mentions my least favorite character: Cera. Now this could be because she was the only girl in group, or it could have been because her pizza hut toy was the hardest to manage with my small five fingers. However, I believe I can honestly say I had less patience for Cera because she complained the most.

During his sermon Pastor referenced one of Cera’s most memorable lines, “What about me?!”  He used this to equate her attitude to the disciples. How right after Jesus had told them He was going to die they start asking who was the greatest among them (Luke 9:43-46).

It was classic pre-resurrection disciple fashion. Here’s what they were really asking when they asked who was the greatest, “who is gonna have the nicest room, who is going to get taken care of the best.” It only stands to reason that the most important one would have the nicest place in the Kingdom.

You see, the disciples were so worried about getting taken care of they couldn’t even focus on taking care of Christ and his mission. In fact later in this incident Jesus charges them with responsibility (John 14). What is so great about this is that earlier

Jesus had already shown he was going to take care of them.

Matthew 1o contains Jesus equipping and sending out the disciples but Matthew 11:1 contains the real diamond. In fact if you’re quick reading or reading out of context you just might miss it.  Matthew 11:1 says, ” When Jesus had finished giving instructions to His twelve disciples, He departed from there to teach and preach in their cities.” You catch that, Jesus, after sending them away from their cities, went into their cities to teach and preach, keep in mind everywhere Jesus went to teach and preach he healed and helped those who were sick, hurting, and in need.

In essence Jesus was saying through his actions, if you focus on my ministry and what I desire from you I’ll take care of you! Of course I’m assuming the disciples would be concerned about their families and neighbors, but it seems to be a pretty safe assumption.

So if you’re wondering who is going to take care of you…Jesus is!




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