Address your problems and Adjust for the best solution

10 02 2011

There will always be imperfections but there are always solutions, you just have to be willing to make the hard choices. 

You can’t fix all of your problems, and truthfully some issues need to be managed not solved.  BUT YOU MUST ADDRESS AND ADJUST BASED ON YOUR CURRENT CONDITION!

Nothing is invincible, everything has a weakness.

More than likely you know where you or your organization is most vulnerable.  You know this spot because it is the area that causes you the most grief.  It is the part of your work that makes your work feel like work (unless your job is troubleshooting, then this is all you do and then it is job security).  It is the piece of your organization that inflicts pain in other areas of your organization, causing them to run at less than optimal capacity. This is allowing you or your organization to be crippled.

However perfection, for as many times as we have been directed to pursue it, is not an option.  Nothing is perfect; it is a goal for us to chase after so that we can create the best product or experience possible. There are times we have to accept the fact that we can’t be flawless. I’ve heard it said that you can learn more from failure than you can from success when you take time to reflect on what happened and fix what was wrong! ADDRESS and ADJUST! This takes time and purpose.

Do you find that you don’t take time to reflect on the past?

Or, how do you take time to reflect and learn from the past?




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