1st Fed-Ex Follow-Up

14 01 2011

In an earlier post I shared how I was going to try out a new exercise with my class titled “Fed-Ex exercises” and then report back on its success or failure, this is that post.

In his talk Daniel Pink confesses that the first Fed-Ex exercise you do will be “ok.”  And not to make him a liar my students complied.  Some of the activities they created were great, but they all created activities.  As the weeks go on they will eventually need to be more creative, and I’m assuming (yes I know what happens when this action occurs) they will venture beyond the known into the realm of possibility.

The game that won was a tittled: preposition, preposition, preposition, you!  Students walked in a circle and who ever is “it” (decided by games of rock, paper, scissors) chants, “preposition, preposition, preposition, you” and on “you” they point to another student.  The first thing out of the selected student must be a preposition that has not been used already.  If they choose a correct preposition then they become “it.”  This continues until there is only one student left.  To be honest the game starts off slow but as the prepositions dwindle down it becomes more interesting as the students rack their brain to remember the prepositions.  The best part about this whole exercises is that students are begging to study their preposition list to which I gladly give my consent.

This will be a great added activity to my class as they set out to master material rather than memorize it to regurgitate it for an assessment.

What are some cool things your teachers did when you were in school?




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