Don’t let your processes clog up your purpose

12 01 2011

Acts 15:1 But some men came down from Judea
and were teaching the brothers, “Unless you are circumcised
according to the custom of Moses, you cannot be saved.”

Don’t let your process clog up your purpose!

If ever there was an occupation that REQUIRES
a degree it is teaching! With my Bachelors of Science degree in
Biblical Studies, as you can imagine, I was not/ am not prepared to
teaching seventh and eighth graders. Honestly I am no where near
qualified to do the job that I am doing. The only thing that has
saved me is my ability to observe and adapt. Watching teachers do
their “thing” I am amazed at how they get so much accomplished with
proficiency! Their processes for getting the students quiet, their
strategic seating charts, the way the know how much work to give
their students, it absolutely is amazing. As I fumble through this
adventure I am reminded that processes and programs are not the
goal but rather the purpose of it all is to develop young minds.
Shaping them to become responsible, respectful, smart, and critical
thinkers. I could easily come up with a hundred different ways to
keep my students quiet and working, but if I’m not accomplishing my
purpose then all I do is pointless. We often get caught up in
making all the right moves that we forget why we are going in the
first place. Are we asking people to do what is unimportant and more than necessary to accomplish what is important?

What is your purpose?
What are the simplest, most efficient steps for you to accomplish your purpose?




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