Fed-Ex Exercises

11 01 2011

I got this idea listening to Daniel Pink’s talk at Catalyst East.

Yesterday I told my students they had to come up with an exercise, song, game, activity, display, etc. dealing with prepositions.  I told them they could work with who ever they wanted and do basically anything they wanted (of course explosives, guns, drugs, and sex were out of the question.  Yes I did clarify that for you and them).  The only catch is what ever they do they must have done by tomorrow…or today as it were.

This sounds pointless or even lazy to some of you but hear me out.  I could teach them and hope they get it.  Or they can want to create something worth while and teach themselves what a preposition is.  The goal is their understanding not my lecture.

I’ll update and let you know how they did!




One response

14 01 2011
1st Fed-Ex Follow-Up « Rock in a Pond

[…] Fed-Ex Follow-Up 14 01 2011 In an earlier post I shared how I was going to try out a new exercise with my class titled “Fed-Ex […]

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