DEATH TO…self?

23 09 2010

I am not, by any means, a fan of dying to self.  It is a struggle we all face.  We have two choices when faced with death of self: either we come to grips with its reality and adjust accordingly or we ignore its potential and live a life unexamined [Plato states that an unexamined life is not worth living], for it is impossible to examine one’s life and not realize the need to sacrifice for the benefit of others regardless of the benefit to yourself.  Death to self, sacrifice, and choosing the greater good over your own good are the only ways to actually change and impact our local and global communities. 

Marla and I recently took a trip to Guam for a four day get-a-way as well as to take care of some personal business.  While we were there we were bombarded with images and slogans from current candidates running for the Senate office of Guam.  Statements suggesting stronger leadership and integrity were thrown down the left and right side of the roads.  We also met up with a friend of the family and she explained to us that the politics in Guam are very corrupt, and that if the people are ever really going to experience change the leadership must change as well. 

As we toured the island in our rented economy car I couldn’t help but be in awe of all the signage for the election and then it hit me.  Sign after sign after sign dug into the ground surrounded by trash, weeds, and filth, none of it cleaned up by the candidates running.  Or even suggested by the candidates to those putting up the signs; they were so worried about how their signed looked that they could have cared less about the ground’s condition on which their sign stood.  You may be thinking that I am making a mountain out of a mole hill but the reality is if they can’t be concerned and sacrifice time and energy on the little things what makes them capable of doing the same for the major things? 

I’m sure there are some great people running for the Guamanian government; I’m not trying to defame them in any way.  But if we truly want to make a difference and change our communities then we must die to self, sacrifice our time and energies, choosing the greater good regardless of its return to ourselves.  If they win great they can make a differene, if they loose that is too bad but if they had cleaned up their campaigning area they still would have been able to make a difference regardless of the electoral outcome.  This is the call of the church, this is its purpose.  Sunday is only the recharging station; Monday through Saturday is where the real church lives.  If we want to make a difference in peoples lives, make a difference where they live!




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