Think Baby Steps Bob, baby steps…

16 09 2010

Not that I’m the type to get my theology from movies, but now and then there is a fun thought that sticks out.  Recently I was eating dinner with my wife’s family and had the sudden urge to re-create the “MMMMMMMM” moment from “What About Bob.”  For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, stop reading, go watch it, and then return to finish this post.

*If you’re not leaving please wait quietly as those who had to leave will return shortly.*

*Welcome Back*

If you have seen the movie before, or went and watched it like you were supposed to, you know that the premise of the movie is that Bill Murray is a crazy who drives his therapists crazy.  Richard Dreyfuss plays Dr. Leo Marvin who has just written a book baby steps (to watch “bob” take this literally is a great source of entertainment).  Dr. Marvin’s whole goal is to get his readers to work in small increments.

Forgetting about Bob, I think about baby steps… You see I want to be a leader worth following.  I want to be so in-tuned with the Holy Spirit that all I am is a puppet for God.  I’ve been wrestling with the idea of being a lead pastor, but to be honest, I can’t even lead my wife correctly.  Not that she is some hard case to lead or that she is CONSTANTLY stubborn, but leading takes practice, it takes love, sacrifice, and it takes adjustment.  1 Timothy 3:4 says a pastor must be able to have his house in order.  If you can’t lead your own family you have no business leading a church.  BTW this leading a family doesn’t mean they listen to you when you tell them to do something.  This is real leading, leading like Jesus, being firm when needed but leading in love and service by example.  I wonder how many pastors should be sitting down on Sunday morning based on this thought?  For me, I know I have alot to learn about leading, just ask Marla.  Think baby steps Mason, baby steps…

What goals do you have that would be better accomplished if you did them in “baby steps?”

How have you applied this in your life, and how has it turned out for you?




4 responses

16 09 2010

I love you and am so proud of you for working in baby steps as you learn to lead. I am confident that the Lord is leading you, teaching you, stretching you and that every bit of that will make you that much a better leader to me. Seek to be led, transparent, holy, and the rest will fall into place.

16 09 2010
Mason Stanley

Thank’s babe! I’m remembering it is a process and not an event, as much as I wish it were!

16 09 2010

Think you drawed blood there, your posts have gotten so sporadic then all the sudden you sucker punch me. And with an epic movie to boot. Love the thought though. baby steps would be great, heck I would just be happy if I could slow myself to a walk. Funny how I pray to let God have it all and to use me they way he designed me for, then I try and wrestle my wants outta life. I wish I was more like Joshua, God gave him an amazing ability to lead and an amazing leader to learn from. (on a side note what was it like to hold the clipboard while moses was running the two minute drill, guess only joshua and aaron rogers know). Learning from your predecessor’s mistakes and triumphs is a huge advantage. Mason your post has been very inspirational, feel like its time to put my nose in my bible for guidance. You know what they say readers are leaders!

16 09 2010
Mason Stanley

LoL i’m getting back into a daily habit again so I will have more time to think about blog post and then actually write them! I’m glad I could sucker punch you with a thought from God. It’s one he has been whaling on me with for a while! I love you man and miss you! When we gonna skype?!

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