Do less and get more!

9 09 2010

Humbly and semi-truthfully we will say we are not about producing the numbers in what ever ministry we are involved in, yet no matter the purpose of the group we instinctively count how many people are present.  Know this: if you aren’t faithful to the purpose people will not be faithful to your ministry! 

Here is where the word purpose takes the plunge into objectivity and swims laps in the think tank.  You must first make sure your purpose is worth following.  If it is, you must follow it religiously!  I’m not talking Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, and the ever hip Saturday night type of follow religiously.  I’m talking the day in day out, week to week, whole year type of follow.  Find the ONE thing you want to be about and be about IT!  Leave your distraction with your 8th grade nephew and stay focused on what God has called you to do!  If you’re involved in ministry ask yourself “am I worried about the production of people in my ministry or the people in my ministry?”

If you’re to be involved in your local church’s student ministry stay focused on it.  If you’re involved in Awana’s give all of yourself to Awana’s.  If you’re the First Impressions ministry make every time count!  Jim Elliot said, “Where ever you are, be all there.”  If you have a purpose worth following and follow it emphatically people will buy in.  Don’t get distracted by becoming a producer, focus on being purposeful!  Plant, water, pick weeds, do what ever it is you are called to do.  God will give the increase!

Has there been a time when you’ve found yourself trying to do more to produce more?

Numbers aren’t the only distractions, what else distracts?

What helps you stay focused on YOUR “purpose?”




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