Long wait for a train that don’t come…

27 07 2010

I want a mentor.  There I’ve said it!  Actually feels good to get that off of my chest.  In all reality I don’t know what good actually saying it will do but I feel a little more light on the inside.  Truth be told, I’ve wanted one for a while now.  I’ve never really been invested in outside of my professors and youth pastor, but even then that was minimal either because of time constraints or lack of interest (on my part).  But now at age 27, when I feel as if I should have my “stuff” together, I want a coach more than ever!  Every day it feels as if I go through a new experience which I don’t even begin to know how to deal with.  It would be awesome to know that there was somebody at some point in the week that I will get to share this “stuff” with.

It is possible I’m the only person who feels this way, though its probable that I’m not; I’m sure there are others, I imagine there are many more who feel this way.  It is like we are an orphaned generation waiting on a mentor to pick us, take us home, show us the ropes, and then send us off into the real world.  Though, somewhere, somehow the lines of communication have been cut.  There are no mentors checking out the “Millennial Orphanage” looking for the “one.”  We are a generation of Neo’s looking for our Morpheus.  Though he seems too focused on the battle at hand to realize we are waiting to be informed and set free.

I don’t say this to be rude or condescending, but for the most part .::GENERALIZATION ALERT::. it seems as if those who could and should be mentoring have far “more important” things to deal with.  And this is my conclusion on the matter.  I want a mentor, those who can mentor should.  Jesus didn’t wait for the 12 to come to Him, he went to them (it works better that way).  However, I’m not going to sit and mope waiting for my Mr. Miyagi to come and ask me to grab a cup of joe.  I’ve decided that Jesus is all the mentor I need (maybe not all that I want, but all that I need).  Everything I need to know I can learn from His words and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  And one day, who know’s, maybe my Obi-Wan come and teach me his Jedi ways, but until then Jesus will just have to do! (not too shabby of a plan if you ask me)

Does your spiritual life rely on others to grow?

When was the last time Christ and the Holy Spirit served as your constant coach?

What does it personally look like for Christ to be your Coach?




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27 07 2010

I hear what you’re saying. I was blessed with a staff at my Bible College, who desperately wanted to do just that, and while I was there, God graced me with a realization of the goldmine it really was. The pastor of the church I was attending in NorCal was a former youth pastor, and a man who loved to pour into those in his charge. However, since moving to Korea 2 years ago, I haven’t had that kind of a person in my life.
What I have had is community.
I wonder if that’s not the answer to the question in the first place. Not a father-figure, not a Jedi Master, but a community of believers, the Body of Christ, led and guided by his spirit. Perhaps that community will include those who are older, perhaps those who are younger, but what you have is a group of people who you could go to at any point, and get just what you’ve been describing – a cup of joe, a listening ear, prayer, encouragement, accountability and guidance.
My community hasn’t come in the form of a conventional church. For me, it’s been my wife, my co-worker (and former college dorm-mate), and two other believers God called into our little band. It’s been amazing to see and experience the ways God has moved and spoken to and through this group.

Anyway, I have vomited enough words here.
I’ll sum it up by saying that I wonder if it’s not more important to have a living organism-like body of believers in community, than to have two autonomous individuals coming together occasionally…

Wanna hang out and grab a cup of coffee?

29 07 2010
Mason Stanley

John, there are some great thoughts in this, and I must say I agree, but I wonder if it’s not only the community but also someone with in the community to step up and stand out in a persons life, someone who has been there, maybe 20 years ago, or 2 months ago? Anyway, seems like it would be a great discussion over a cup of Harold (I figured the name Joe has had the corner on the coffee market for far too long so I wanted to do something about it).

27 07 2010

You can’t depend on others for your spiritual growth because they move to korea. Then you sit around going what am I gonna do now? Letting jesus be your mentor is like letting jesus be your mentor. There’s nothing that you can even use as an analogy for that, it all falls short. Its the top of the food chain. After my mentor left I realized that it was my turn to be the mentor. I stopped worring about what I was learning and concetrated on what I was teaching others. My miyagi taught me to train more daniel-sons and God would take care of the tri-county tournement. Leaning on Jesus for strength and knoledge can never be replaced by anyone in your life. But it never hurts to have someone help you learn to show you what that relationship looks like.

29 07 2010
Mason Stanley


It seems like you know this from first hand experience 😉 I actually thought of you the entire time I wrote this. Had another pownage thought today…”We often times want mentors in the position the Holy Spirit should be in” 🙂 LOve ya man!

29 07 2010

dude your amazing. I thought of you as I read it.

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