Church Guest: Keystone Church

24 05 2010

This is my second to last post for the mini-series Church Guest.  If you haven’t already please check out my other post on Fellowship of the Parks and Northwood

Again, let me remind you that this is only a “skin surface” experience of these churches and I am viewing them as a first time guest.

In this post I am sharing my experience at Keystone Church.  It isn’t in some huge facility and quite honestly if you weren’t specifically looking for it you could miss it as you drive down Keller Parkway.  But in a way, that’s a good thing and here is why: it doesn’t stand out as some gaudy building yelling “look at me, I’m a church!”  Don’t get me wrong I’m all about awesome facilities, but I also believe that your buildings should blend in with your surroundings.  Northwood and Fellowship of the Parks also do a great job at this, though their facilities are bigger.

Marla and I had planned to go to their 11:15 service on mother’s day, however, things don’t always go as planned and we were forced to attend their 12:45 service.  In all reality I’m glad we did, though I was ready for some food by the time we got out!  Word to the wise, if you go to a 12:45 service, eat a snack or brunch before you go.  When we arrived the parking lot attendant motioned us to a parking area and spot which was nice because it took the question out of where to park. 

As we walked up into their building “Love God,” “Love Others” and, “Love Life” were written on the face of the steps which was kind of cool because you knew just from that where their priorities were.  As we walked in, two people were holding the doors open for us ready to shake our hands and greet us.  

BTW what do you do in that awkward moment of eye contact knowing that there is going to be  a greeting and exchanging of pleasantries, yet you still have three steps and four more paces forward to go? 

After the awkward “wait for me to get there” moment and exchange of pleasantries we walked into the very open and spacious foyer.  Once inside a guy with one of those skin toned, thin, head set mics asked us if we were coming or going and then proceed to mention that he hadn’t noticed us around and asked if we had been before.  That was a cool moment because everywhere else we had gone, we had stood around waiting to go sit in the auditorium with out anybody saying hi or greeting us (outside of the assigned door attendants).  Come to find out through our conversation “headset guy” was actually the pastor.  After he excused himself we headed towards the doors to the auditorium to find our seats.  We were again greeted with smiles and handshakes (3rd time in maybe 40 feet), and then once again as we were directed to the desired area for us to sit (4th time).  Once we sat down a woman came and asked us if we minded if she and her husband sat next to us and if we would scoot down one (which only makes sense, had I been thinking I wouldn’t have left a single seat on the end, what lonely person thinks “where is the single seat next to two other people?!”)  We of course obliged and she shook our hands (5th time) and began to introduce her self and make the same observation the pastor had (that she hadn’t seen us before), which was even more impressive.  We told her our story and where we were headed, she asked some more questions until her husband walked up and she introduced us to him, at which point the service started. 

The music was well done.  You could tell they had put the time in practicing for Sunday.  Not just in how they preformed but the transitions as well.  Their music dude has a lot of energy.  For a moment it was distracting then it became encouraging.  The dude was getting into His worshiping of God.  While I didn’t get jiggy with it, it did create a more worshipful heart in me. 

After the music was done “headset guy” aka the Pastor got up and gave an awesome message about building our lives on foundational fault lines and that no matter how great the building is, if our live are built on anything else but the truth we will crumble.  His sermon was a part of their series on the seven churches in the book of revelations.  His style is excentric.  If he thinks it will add emphasis to his point he will act out with great movement and sound effects so that you fully understand.  In a term he seems ADHD when preaching but not to a point that is destructive to the message.

We went back the next week, this time to the 11:15 service, and had a very similar experience.  If I were to prefer one over the other I think  I would go with the 12:45, not only because I get to play video games before church but because there just seemed even more intimacy and community in that service (which is impressive because the 11:15 had that feel to it as well).  All in all this was one of our favorite churches we have visited.  Not because of the “experience” but because of the community that it portrayed.  One of the things I look and listen for when I visit a church is do they talk about community service?  Keystone has a program called Servolution coming up in which they plan to partner with Keller Community Store house in serving the community as well as others in need.  They are also raising money to feed a orphange in Haiti for a year.

While it wasn’t as clear and memorable as Fellowship of the Parks, Keystone did a great job communicating and following up with us.  They have even sent their news letter to our emails as another way to know whats going on and how to get connected.   I told Marla if we could combine the communication of FOTP and the community of Keystone it would be one bang’n church!  If you have the opportunity and are new to the area go visit Keystone Church.




3 responses

14 07 2010
Kathy Stanley

love the blog

18 07 2011
Regina Agnew

I actually just became a member of Keystone Church. We were in such “AWE” of our first few experiences visiting, we joined, and dove head first into serving in EVERY way possible. Every weekend blows me away. Something that wasn’t mentioned in this TOTALLY TURE blog, is the Children’s areas. We have AMAZING programs for the kiddo’s and it’s always a blast! Newborns, Tiny Campers, Little Campers, Camp Keystone, and The Lodge. Theses are all the different childrens groups. You will truly experience God in new and wonderful ways. We call it, “ADDICTED TO LIFE CHANGE”…. I pray someone will read this and be moved enough to come check it out for yourself.
Love God.
Love others.
Love Life.

18 07 2011
Mason Stanley

My wife and I very much enjoyed ourselves and Marla still talks about her experience there. Truth be told if we were to ever move back into the Keller area Keystone would be where we worship.

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