10 recent realizations

20 05 2010

The more I read the better I get.  The more ideas I am introduced to the more ideas I produce.  The more I gain the more I desire to share. 

Here are 10 realizations I’ve had:

1. It isn’t always the one liners that produces the biggest change in my life.
2. Whether agreeable or disagreeable, an idea should not inhibit me from creating my own.
3. To store knowledge is to have food in the cupboard and let your family starve to death.
4. My ideas won’t always be good ones, but the hope is that it will help catalyst someone else’s idea.
5. As is evident in my last post, the presentation won’t always be the best. learn from it, adjust, and move on.
6. I must be willing to change a system or  format when the circumstances dictate. (As a result I will not be adhering so strictly to the parameters I set for Rock In a Pond in this post.)
7. Learn from other industries.  This has greatly affected the way I look at the world and my industry.
8. You need a peer as much as you do a mentor.  If you have neither assume this is the reason you are not growing.  I talk about this some here.
9. The information is out there you just have to get it.  We live in a world where 2nd graders now have instant access to information that only high school seniors learned. 
10. Cooperation, not consumption is the key to changing our world.  The American dream is a selfish nightmare.  I’m not socialist, but I don’t want to make money so that I can simply increase my status and “stuff” count.  Share your ideas, share your values, share what ever you can.  It is when we hoard and let others do with out that we become the bogey men of the American dream.

Are you just going through the motions of life or are you evaluating and learning?

If you are learning what are you learning?

If you are going through the motions, why are you not processing and evaluating?




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20 05 2010
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