Leadership: Lesson’s from Peter

23 04 2010

Luke 9:20 Then he asked them, “Who do you say I am?” Peter replied, “You are the Messiah sent from God!” (NLT)

It is true Peter was head strong (Matt 16:22), impatient (Lk 9:33) , impulsive (Matt 26:33), thick-headed (Matt 15:15), and  insecure (Matt 19:27).  All that only shows that he is like every other leader at one point or another.  In fact we often use Peter as a “what not to do” case study.  However, as I have been studying and reading, Peter possessed some awesome leadership qualities, which because of their rough edges often get over looked.  There is no question about it though, as you read through the Gospels and Acts Peter is certainly leading the leaders.  Here are some qualities I’ve noticed in Peter:

Boldness.. Because we see this as Peter’s impulsive nature we often strike this up to one of his less attractive qualities.  However, if it weren’t for Peter’s boldness he would have never left his nets, he would have never walked on water, he would not have understood half of the parables taught by Jesus, he would have never proclaimed Jesus as the messiah, and he would have never preached in Acts.  As a leader you must be willing to be bold and take risks.  If you stay in the boat, you are at the same level as every other person with-in the organization.  How many people would not have heard the gospel had Peter not been so bold in Acts? 

Enthusiasm.. I have heard Dan Brown (Lift Student Ministries, not the DaVinci Code author) say, “they will only be half as excited as you are.”  His point: if you want them to be sold out, you must have twice the buy in.  Peter was enthusiastic about the Messiah, the reason we talk about his qualities and personality the most is because it stands out the most.  If you want people to buy in and believe in your organization, you must be excited about what it is doing.  On that same note, if you are doing nothing to be excited about, maybe you need to re-evaluate what you are doing.

 Developability.. One of the biggest frustrations of bosses and organizations is when their leaders are not teachable.  When you refuse to continually be developed because you believe you already “get it,” you allow your level of influence to decline.  Leaders are learners.  From the time he lays down his nets we see Peter constantly being developed.  Not just when Christ was around but also after He had ascended where Peter was even more established as a leader, e.g. Acts 10.  For some this is a quick process, for Peter it seems to take him longer, but he never stops being teachable!

 Even though we look at some of Peter’s actions and think, “note to self: do not do this.”  There are other areas where we can say to ourselves, “I should be doing that!”  Peter was chosen for a reason, and I doubt it was for his dashing good looks.


* What are some of the leadership qualities not listed here that you see in Peter?

* Which one of these three could you do better?

* Would you be willing to follow a leader like Peter, why or why not?




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