…For the fun of it!

21 04 2010

Ecclesiastes 4:6 One hand full of rest is better than two fists full of labor and striving after wind. (NASB)

I love food.  I’m no connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, I just love to eat.  And when I can eat food I didn’t have to prepare its even better.  Snacks on the go?  Not even a question!  A Dunn Bro’s coffee in the morning and a Snickers and an AMP in the afternoon makes for a great sugar rushed day!  The reason I share all of this with you is because I want you to understand that I spent money like it was going out of style.  And not on anything important, yes you could argue food is important, but did I have to get my snacks and meals outside the house?

Recently with me not being employed, and looking like I won’t be until Marla and I get to Korea, we (meaning I) have had to scale back much of what we spend money on.  And when we do spend money we hit up the deals!  I bought groceries for the week yesterday at a place called ALDI if you don’t have one I’m sorry.  I spent 22 dollars and we’re set for the week for all of our meals.  I would spend more than that on dinner at Chilis!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying eating out is evil or bad.  I still love it, even more so now that I’m making more meals and washing the dishes for them.  What I am suggesting is that you stop and ask yourself some questions before you just decided to “go out.”

What is my purpose for buying this meal or snack?

Do I have food at home I could eat?

Do I really have the money to be eating out?

Could this money go towards groceries, bills, or savings?

Could this money be better used for charitable work?

When Marla and I drove by the restaurants on 377 where we live, all the parking lots were packed.  At that moment this thought popped into my head, “Isn’t there a recession going on?”  Marla and I have turned our spending faucet down to a drip.  We don’t eat out, I don’t get snacks, and I make my coffee.  I’ve lost 10 pounds by cutting back what I eat and by working out and this is in less than a month! 

Frito-Lays slogan says, “food for the fun of it!”  As much fun as I did have eating out and buying snacks, I’m enjoying saving money more.  We went from spending over 400 dollars a month (groceries, snacks, and meals out) to spending around 175  a month on food.  Better is one handful with rest than two handfuls and trying to do it all.

IN YOUR OPINION… (Leave a comment and let me know what you think)

Why do you think it’s hard to cut back on entertainment and treating self?

What are some ways you’ve cut back your spending?

Why do we stretch ourselves financially?



6 responses

21 04 2010
Kathy McDonald

I really like this one and it is so true, especially since I am unemployed. I still go out to eat once in a while, however, I pick my times and places which are mostly when Mama has doctor appointments and we can’t get back home.

I have learned there are all kinds of ways to cut back when you have to. I cut back as soon as I was laid off, otherwise I would have been in serious trouble. You can really save on gas if you only go if absolutely necessary and try to combine your trips.

I’m not saying it is easy or fun, but you do what you have to do to get by. And if you are like me, I must say I have done pretty good and am proud of myself.

21 04 2010
Mason Stanley

“I’m not saying it is easy or fun,” Ain’t that the truth! I think the real trick is to be able to keep up those habits after you don’t have to cut back.

21 04 2010
Kathy McDonald

I was always pretty good at it before I had to cut back. Once I go back to work I hope to be even better than before.

Mama and I eat really good in May and June, because I signed us up for free birthday food. I have a nice list of places. Some of it is flat free. Only have to get a drink and then you can always drink water.

21 04 2010

I like this, a WHOLE lot! 🙂 1-because I love the simple lifestyle change 2-because we enjoy our perks and entertainment more 3-I’m always in for a bargain and am THRILLED to go the extra mile to find it 4-you have been GREAT about learning to make some meals and always washing the dishes and my water bottles. You have made this transition so well, and I am excited for this next phase of adventure God has given us!

21 04 2010
Mason Stanley

I’m trying to create that environment of affection 😉

21 04 2010
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