Leadership: ?

2 04 2010

This is an atypical post compared to what has been posted on Fridays.  But I’m curious as to what you think.  I’m not going to ask you to comment, but rather I ask you to think to yourselves this question and its answer. (And if you feel like commenting your answer, feel free) 

What is Leadership to you?

It is a simple enough question.  But none-the-less it must be defined.  Now before you go and answer with some clichéd phrase about leadership or some definition you read in a book somewhere.  I want you to ask yourself, “If I was following me, and I gave this answer would it be enough for me to understand and apply?”  I’m not trying to knock tried and true phrases, but what I am trying to get you to do is to define what leadership is.  In my reading and studying I’m realizing leadership is many things not just some mobile memorable catch phrase.  Not just some theological thought. 

Your definition of leadership will determine the future of your group, program, or organization.  If your definition is found wanting so will everything else.  In the words of Voltaire, “Let us first define our terms, then proceeded.”

What is your definition of Leadership?

Is it difficult to define leadership? If so, why?

Why do you think we resort to simple phrases for major definitions?




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