10 03 2010

James 1:2-4 Consider it all joy, my brethren when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.  And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

My wife told me a great thought yesterday.  When there are trials: circumstances, people, attitudes… in your life, thank God for them.  Because it is in those things that God refines His holiness in you.  We struggle to find joy in those situations, but the reality is that God wants us to be thankful for them and to praise Him for them.  So I tried this, and oddly enough, I went from being bitter about my trial to being thankful for what God is doing.  It is funny how God works when we allow Him to accomplish His purpose in us.  What is it that you need to stop and thank Him for?  I bet it changes your perspective on the situation!

Why is it so hard for us in those times to stop and be thankful; I would love to hear your thoughts! 




6 responses

11 03 2010

thanks for that! i needed it 🙂 such a good reminder!

11 03 2010
Mason Stanley

You and me both Allie! To be transparent, I wrote the post because I need it to be a constant reminder to me! I have to “practice what I preach,” so this forces me to practice the art of thankfulness in a hard situation.

11 03 2010
Jordan Hanger

We want results fast and our lack of patience makes room for us to over react instead of trust God that what he is putting us through is to bring him more glory.

11 03 2010
Mason Stanley

Thats is a very hard truth Jordan. We aren’t ones for enduring pain and hardship. We often put ourselves at the focus with the question, “why am I going through this?” instead of saying “God what do YOU desire from this!”

11 03 2010

Definitely a great perspective. That IS what our trials are about after all. I am trying to get better about asking God to grow me through the trial rather than simply asking Him to remove the trial, because the trial has a purpose and as crappy as it is sometimes, I definitely don’t want to miss any lessons or growth that is supposed to come of it. Thanks for sharing!

12 03 2010
Mason Stanley

Tara, it took me along time to realize that praying for God to remove it wasn’t the best possible option. If I wanted to grow stronger I was going to have to keep myself in it and learn from it.

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