Method to my Madness

5 03 2010

Recently while listening to a Digital Marketer podcast I was challenged with the thought of assigning method to the randomness that is Rock in a Pond. 

First let me explain the title: Rock in a Pond.  When a rock gets tossed into water, depending on how close you are to it you may get splashed or just feel the ripple.  My hope is that no matter how close to (or far from) home  these post are, you will be able to take away something of value.

Secondly, I have decided (to follow Jesus, oh come on, I know i’m not the only one who thinks that when they hear “I have decided”) that I will purposefully post twice a week.  On Wednesdays my post will deal with spiritual growth.  Either something God is pwning me with or has laid on my heart to share.  Fridays I will be posting different thoughts on leadership, systems, adminstration, and etc.  I am young and wide-eyed when it comes to these topics; some you might agree with, others you might think are absolutely ludicrous.  Either way I’m learning and will be encouraged by your comments and input!

I’m looking forward to this new structure for Rock in a Pond and I hope you all are as well.  Occasionally I will post random blogs and will update via twitter and facebook when I do. 

What would you guys like to see happen or covered on Rock in a Pond?





4 responses

6 03 2010
Jordan Hanger

I think you should youtube yourself throwing a rock in a pond.. or doing a cannonball! That would make a big ripple.. lol

6 03 2010
Mason Stanley

That would be more like a spiritual tidal wave.

10 03 2010

That’s stinking funny Jordan! 🙂

20 05 2010
10 recent realizations « Rock in a Pond

[…] a result I will not be adhering so strictly to the parameters I set for Rock In a Pond in this post.) 7. Learn from other industries.  This has greatly affected the way I look at the world and my […]

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