A few reasons leaders get “vacuumed” up

17 02 2010

This post is inspired by Ron Edmondson’s blog post : http://www.ronedmondson.com/2010/02/7-beliefs-of-the-leadership-vacuum.html.  I highly recommend you read his post before continuing any further.  Go on, click on it, it’s a great post!

Welcome back, told you it was a great post. 

I asked Ron why leaders get sucked up into this vacuum and he offered me these three thoughts: pride, indifference, and ignorance.  I took some time to digest these three words and was encouraged to share them.

  1. Pride:  A leader will get caught up in a leadership vacuum because they simply don’t want to lead you because you are not worth their time or because they are too concerned with self-interest.
  2. Indifference:  A leader can get sucked up in the vacuum because they just don’t care to lead.  This is different from pride because they might find value in you as an aspect to the organization, but they just don’t want to put in the effort to invest in you.  They care about your results, just not your problems and process.
  3. Ignorance:  Plainly said: leaders get sucked up because the don’t know how to lead.
    1. They are great self motivators and managers but are unsure how to transition that energy and desire into those around them.
    2. And/or, they could be unsure of the vision and direction. It seems that it would be near impossible for a leader to invest, guide, asses, and cast vision to those they are “leading” if they are not sure about the process or goal for the organization. 

What are some other reasons you can think of that causes leaders to get sucked up into the vacuum?




2 responses

17 02 2010

Hi Mason –

I think these 3 “reasons” are pretty thourough.

Item #3 (and specifically point #2) is (what I believe to be) the most common reason for ministry leaders falling into the vacuum. I have worked in secular environments (2 Fortune 500 Co’s & one of the largest bank in the world), which is totally different – it is usually Item 1 or 2 there!

Having been involved in churches off and on for 20 years, and consistently for the last 12, I have never personally encountered a ministry leader who was truely prideful or indifferent (although sometimes I think the lack of true direction has inadvertantly caused them to appear so…all about motives isn’t it….).

When observing leadership vacuum in ministry situations, I have most often seen the issues caused when a leader has a grand and worthy vision, but is unable to translate it into an action PLAN or strategy that will allow them, and those around them, to achieve the vision.

The leader ends up “tossed about,” which is ironic since (as mature Christians) we are NOT TO BE (tossed about that is). They can rarely show a distinct picture of how the steps they are taking today will lead to the long term vision they have for tomorrow.

The result of this is stated above – they can’t effectively lead/guide others through that vision if they have no idea as to how to achieve it.

17 02 2010
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